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Another Heathen Politician PDF Print E-mail
Written by Anna Bucci   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Erin Lale, author of "Asatru for Beginners", is running for a seat in the Nevada State Assembly District 29. She is endorsed by Tea Party group Anger is Brewing, and the Libertarian Party.


From Lale's profile :


"Lale believes in getting government's eyeball out of your window and its hand out of your pocket. In the last session, the Nevada State Assembly couldn't agree to balance the state budget by either cutting programs or raising taxes, so instead they raided the budgets of local agencies: cities, counties, water districts, and school districts. They raided the Clark County School District's capital improvement fund, which was money raised from Clark County homeowners intended for renovating aging school buildings and replacing portables with permanent buildings, and they put it in the general fund to spend who knows where on who knows what. They raided the Clean Water Coalition of $62 million from hookup fees in Clark County intended for wastewater treatment, resulting in a lawsuit. Lale plans to introduce legislation to define fees in Nevada law so fees collected for a specific purpose must be used for that purpose or given back. Her plan to balance the budget is to end marijuana prohibition so we can tax that, spend $500 million less per year on prisons, free up police resources so we put more cops on the street without spending more money, bring parents back to the community which will help kids do better in school and break the cycle of poverty, have less gang violence, less border violence, and more tourist money in our economy."


Erin Lale is a Gythia in Asatru, and is currently on a book tour for her book, Asatru for Beginners, in Phoenix, Albuquerque, Amarillo, Kansas City, and Las Vegas.


A book review and interview of Lale is on Raven Radio episode #10.

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